Inauguration of the Stations of Remembrance in Brigittenau on October 28, 2008

Ten relatives of Raice Margulies-Fiderer – grandchildren and great grandchildren – came from France for the inauguration of the new stations. The Stone of Remembrance is very significant for the whole family. Since the stone is a symbolic gravestone, the Kaddish – the Jewish mourning prayer – was recited.

Regine Bloch, Raice Margulies’ granddaughter on the right. Next to her Christine Fiederer – her niece, their son Lucas, Regine’s daughter Marie Bloch and her nephew Vincent Fiderer.

Hannes Derfler, head of the district delivered a passionate speech for the peaceful cooperation of all ethnic groups in his district.

Many people also joined the walk along the new stations. In Brigittenauer Lände 28 Mrs. Seemann, who is 93 years old, was waiting for us and spoke about the Klein family, who was her neighbour. . She was friends with the daughter Margit and also visited her in the assembly flat in the 2nd district.

Bäuerlegasse 21

Karl Schwarz came with his daughter (on the left) and her husband from Israel. For him the stone is of prime importance. The inauguration day was a day of joy for him.