Ceremonial inauguration of four “Stations of Remembrance”, Alsergrund, in 2021, October the 5th, 

On this sunny afternoon, around 30 people gathered in in Lichtentalerpark to celebrate the opening of new Stones of Remembrance in Vienna’s 9th District.

Roswitha Hammer warmly welcomed those present, including relatives or their representatives and initiators of stones, as well as District Officials and friends of the Stones of Remembrance Association. She said that before the Nazis came to power, Jews had made up 30 percent of the population in Alsergrund. The opening of these new sites will bring the number of commemorating stones or plaques in the district to 81.

District President, Saya Ahmad, then spoke of the pain and suffering associated with the stories of these victims. ‘We cannot heal families’ wounds,’ she said ‘but commemorating people’s lives with these stones can help to soothe them.’ She thanked everyone who helped to care for the stones on a regular basis. ‘We have to fight against forgetting every day, and never stop speaking out against fascism.’

We then began to tour the locations of new stones.


Alserbachstraße 37:


Here, Heidi Schnabl-Argent commemorated her aunt, Rosa Broch.  She was represented by Mr. Nikolaus Franz as she was not able to attend.


Rotenlöwengasse 13:

At the address, Susanne Kucera-Mallek commemorated her paternal grandfather, Sigmund Steuer, his second wife Ettel Steuer and their daughter Klara Steuer.


Georg-Sigl-Gasse 2:

Here, Susanne Kucera-Mellek commemorated her maternal grandmother, Hedwig Austerlitz.


Seegasse 8

Tim Hadley commemorated former residents of this house, Charlotte Lazarus and Benjamin Lazarus, whose fate he became aware of during a visit to Auschwitz.