Commemoration Event in ESRA Psychosocial Centre on May 26, 2014


“Living Commemoration“ new edition of the publication by the Association Stones of Remembrance, and presentation of the arts project „Memory Games“ by Nina Prader.

Christoph Kögler, Karin Waniek, Daliah Hindler

The Avanim trio opened the event and provided further musical embellishment. Peter Schwarz welcomed the numerous guests. He emphasized the importance of the Stones in public space. The dwellers, along with increasing awareness, are enabled to become active themselves, to do research and to set visible signs against ignorance. Delving into the booklet “Living Commemoration“ will cause dismay and reflections in the reader.

Elisabeth Ben David Hindler spoke about the beginnings of the project Stones of Remembrance, and its development. “Living Commemoration” was the first booklet published by the Association Stones of Remembrance. It has been out of stock for many years now. The Volkstheater kindly agreed to provide a new edition of the booklet. Thanks to the financial support by the Nationalfonds, a large number of copies could be printed.

Subsequently, Michael Schottenberg (director of the Volkstheater) and Martina Stilp (actress) read out some of the contributions contained in the publication.

Artist Nina Prader presented her arts commemoration project „Memory Games“, being a card game for the interactive reflection of the past.