Ceremonial opening of the 16th part of the Path of Remembrance through Leopoldstadt, part 2, on Sunday 18 September

Today the weather is not too kind to the many people present, it keeps raining and we get really wet in between. Nevertheless, at least 60 participants, relatives and interested people came to the opening of eight new stations of the “Stones of Remembrance”.


We meet at Rabbiner-Friedmann-Platz in Vienna’s second district.

The Ensemble Avanim (Daliah Hindler-vocals, Karin Waniek-vocals, Christoph Kögler-accordion,vocals, Agnes Riha-vocals) will musically introduce the event.


Mrs Hammer guides us through the afternoon. She introduces us to present family members of the new stones and tells us about the association “Stones of Remembrance”.

District Head Alexander Nikolai thanks everyone who is here today and especially those who have travelled a long way for this event. He reminds us of the frightening number of victims of the Shoah and emphasises the importance of the culture of remembrance here in Vienna.

Heinestraße 42:



This stone commemorates Paula Paquita Asriel.



Nina Kaliga, née Asriel from Germany commemorates her grandmother Paula Paquita Asriel with her family.




Afrikanergasse 14:



This stone commemorates Sofia, Oszias, Dorothea and Genovefa Zeilender.



Gili´s speech

Present are from Israel: Joseph Pliskin, the son of Dorota Zeilender and grandson of Oszias, Gili Pliskin, granddaughter of Dorota Zeilender and great-granddaughter of Oszias Zeilender, Barak Pliskin, grandson of Dorota Zeilender and great-grandson of Oszias Zeilender and Ruthie Pliskin, granddaughter of Dorota Zeilender as well as great-granddaughter of Oszias Zeilender.



Blumauergasse 4:



This stone commemorates Dobre and Hersch Rosenstadt and Emma Weihs.


Lauren Rosenstadt from the USA commemorates the grandparents Hersch and Dobre Rosenstadt.


Music professor Felix Lee and his partner Gertraud Kisser attend the opening of this station. They commemorate Irma and Richard Raubitschek and Emil Wallisch, who were also deported from Blumauergasse 4.

On the picture you can see Felix Lee as a seven-year-old boy holding the hand of Emil Wallisch. He had taken shelter in Blumauergasse, with the Raubitschek family and Emil Wallisch, during the time of persecution. Due to his mother’s marriage to the Chinese citizen Lee Wei-Ning, the family was protected from deportation.




Hollandstraße 11:


This stone commemorates Rosa, David Meyer, Michael and Charlotte Schiffmann.




Michael Davis initiated this stone for his grandparents. He and his family from the USA, his wife Gilit Abraham and his two daughters Ariella and Maya represent the large family.



Taborstraße 27:



This stone commemorates Abraham Aron, Hudie Kressel, neé Zauderer and Dora Kressel.



Aron Kressel and Kim Kressel Ephrat together with their family commemorate their grandparents / great grandparents and their aunt /great aunt Abraham Aron, Hudie Zauderer and Dora Kressel.



Kim Kressel presents: The war years, a book written by her father.



Mrs Kressel was able to have her father and aunt attend the ceremony via cell phone.




Taborstraße 36:



This stone commemorates Rechel Kort, Hersch Kort and Jenny Reich.  





Jonathan Rosemberg Kort (NY) commemorates his great-grandparents and great-aunt with his family.








Castellezgasse 16:



This wall plaque commemorates Oskar Launer, Wilhelm Frankl, Theodora Penizek, Ludwig Robinsohn and Rebekka Stolz.








Elena Nikoloff from Germany commemorates grandfather Oskar Launer with her family.


Nordbahnstraße 16:


This stone commemorates Emma, Moritz and Walter Kral and Berta Roger.










Martin Sonntag, a resident of the house, initiated this stone of remembrance with the house community of Nordbahnstraße 16. Together with other residents, they commemorate the former  murdered residents of the house.