I wish to have a Stone installed

We are a small association. Due to the high number of victims we are not able to set Stones of Remembrance for people who could escape.

Your responsibility Our task
You send us your request.
What we need to know:

  • name and date of birth of the persons for whom you wish a Stone to be placed
  • address for  the Stone.

  • We add your wish to our project list and let you know in which year you can expect the Stones to be installed. Due to the large number of inquiries, the current waiting time is about two years.
  • We do research on data and addresses, if necessary.
In the autumn preceding the year in which the Stone is to be put up, we

  • file a request with the Public Roads A dministration (MA 28), asking for authorisation. It is granted unless road construction works are planned.
As soon as the authorisation is granted, we

  • notify you
  • send you the suggested layout of the text to be engraved in the Stone
  • ask you for payment of the costs. The actual costs of a 20x20cm Stone amount to € 700,-. If you cannot afford it, we will try and find a solution.
You proofread the text and correct it, if necessary.
You pay the costs of the Stones.
The dates of the inaugurations are planned in November. They are fixed by us for those districts where a large number of Stones will be placed. 
If the number of Stations in a district is small, we coordinate the dates with the family members / initiators.
The Stones are manufactured.
For our booklet or foldercomplementing the project we ask you for:

  • texts about and (if available) photographs of the persons the Stones are placed for
  • a text about your motivation for initiating the Stones.

You send us the texts and photographs, meeting the deadline specified by us.

Before the Stones are installed, we inform the tenants of the building about our project and invite them to the opening ceremony.
The Stones are installed by the construction company and the Association.
You decide and let us know if you wish to hold a speech during the opening ceremony or at the very place your Stone is located. 
You plan your speech in the language you prefer.
The opening ceremony is planned.
You determine an individualised opening ceremony which will be held in front of the Stone. Planning the opening ceremony:

Openings take place district by district. Between one and ten Stones of Remembrance are opened one by one on the same day. An initial meeting point is given which is always at a public place. Welcoming speeches are made by officials of the host district and our association before moving to the site of the first Stone. Music is sometimes organised at the beginning and/or end of the day.