Virtuell Inauguration of three Stations of Rememberance in  Donaustadt

Although the Corona crisis prohibited us from the planned ceremony to open new stones in the 22nd
District, we opted to lay the stones and offer a ‘virtual’ tribute to those who were the initiators.

Schüttausstraße 1-39 / Goethehof

A stone was laid here for Julie Wedeles, Aranka Wedeles (b. Winter) and Karl Salomon Wedeles, and
for David Weinberg.

The initiator was Anat Raz from Israel who had intended be present to commemorate his grandparents.





Stadlauerstraße 16

A stone was laid at this address for Gerda Brenner, Paula Brenner (b. Beer) and Ida Brenner.
The initiator was Zelda Chaikin Linekar with the support of Aimee Linekar (Ida Brenner’s daughter and granddaughter), and commemorated their great-aunt, great-grandparents, grandmother and great-cousins.



Am Bahnhof 12

This stone was set for the Mandl’s general store, the Brenner family Café, and for Ernestine Mandl,
Walter Mandl, Charlotte Mandl (b. Brenner), Josef Mandl, Helene and Frieda Mandl.
The initiator was again Zelda Chaikin Linekar, with the support of her daughter Aimee Linekar. The
stone commemorates their great-aunt, great-grandparents, grandmother and great-cousins.