Stones of Remembrance in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

The Jewish community in the southwestern suburbs of Vienna – corresponding to today’s 12th-15th Districts originated in the early 19th century when textile manufacturers settled there. The Jewish community “Sechshaus” was the first community to establish itself independently from the  Vienna’s main Jewish community, building the Turnertempel – the third synagogue building in Vienna- in 1871.

Other important institutions established were the Orthodox Storchschule, with its synagogue built in 1934, and the privately endowed Herklotzgasse 21 which served many purposes, housing clubs, associations and schools. Despite the significance of this suburban community to Vienna’s Jewish population, its density remained relatively low compared to that of central Vienna. Most who resided here were workers or had small businesses, corresponding with the economic profile of the area. After the Shoah, no local Jewish life remained in Fünfhaus. Only the seating of Haschomer Hazair in the years between 1955 to 1974 in what had been the Storchschule provided some trace of the former Jewish community.

The project “Herklotzgasse 21 and the Jewish Rooms in a Viennese Grätzel” has worked to document and protect the history of the local Jewish community through various initiatives and pubications. In October 2010, the Stones of Rememberance Association placed a plaque on the wall at Herklotzgasse in association with the Fuchs family.

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1 Hütteldorferstraße 36
2 Märzstraße 76
3 Goldschlagstraße 84
4 Eduard Sueßgasse 16
5 Clementinengasse 4
6 Herklotzgasse 21
7 Sechshauserstraße 29
Sechshauserstraße 80
Salomon und Ottilie Reinstein
 9 Sechshauserstr. 126
10 Winckelmannstraße 6
Dr.Moritz Munk, Margarethe Munk, Lotte Munk