Stations of Rememberance in Hernals

Stations of Remembrance in Hernals

Until March 1938, active Jewish daily life could be seen in the 17th district through its large temple on Hubergasse, its three prayer houses, as well as numerous other social organitions.


That a countless number of Hernal’s Jews would meet their fate through deportation to concentration camps, ghettos and extermination sites remains shocking.



With the opening of this station, we pay hommage to these victims who succumbed to the repression of Nazi terror.

Lorenz Bayer Platz 3 Stones of rememberance
Braungasse 48 Stones of rememberance
Dornbacherstrasse 95 Stones of rememberance
Hernalser Hauptstraße 186 Stones of rememberance
Geblergasse 68 Stones of rememberance