Festive Opening of Stones of Remembrance in Floridsdorf (21st District) on June 21, 2017

Donaufelderstraße 19

District Deputy Ilse Fitzbauer greeted the relatives very warmly and said: “… all, old and young must accept the past. Those who do not want to see the past are blind to the present and the future … “.
Matthias Beier spoke about the meaning of the Stones of Remembrance both for the relatives and  for the Viennese.

Gary Hearst and his wife traveled from Australia to commemorate his aunt Sidonie Herskovics. Sidonie was the youngest of five siblings. She was the only one of the family to stay in Vienna, waiting for her fiancé’s return. The family had a furniture store in the house, and lived upstairs. To close the ceremony, Gary Hearst spoke the Kaddish (the funeral prayer), thanked everyone for being present and his wife laid flowers on the stone.