Festive Opening of Five New Stations of the “Stones of Remembrance” in Mariahilf (6st District) on June 22nd, 2021

Mrs Roswitha Hammer welcomed those in attendace to the ceremony. District Chairman Mr Markus Rumelhart then spoke about the strong historical awareness of National Socialism in Mariahilf, noting that more than 700 plaques and Stones of Remebrance have already been in the district.



Mrs Daliah Hindler then sung the famous Jewish song “Tumbalalaika” to set the mood for the day, afterwhich Mrs Hammer led us on a tour of the Stones to be opened that afternoon.

Gumpendorferstraße 93


Here, John and Colin Dunston from Great Britain commemorated their grandparents: Oskar and Ilona Deutsch, and their aunt Margarete Deutsch. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, they could not be present, but were represented by Mr. Hans Hauf and Prof. Dr. Franz Fischl.






Stumpergasse 2a

At this address, Eva Ehrlich remembered her great-grandmother, Julie Ehrlich, as well as her great-uncle, Rudolf Ehrlich, and his wife, Margarethe Ehrlich. In attendance were Julius and Brigitte, their daughter Eva, her son Edwin and his children Julia and Marc.









Stumpergasse 64


This stone was initiated by Ruth Contreras in honour of her great uncle, Adolf Glaser. The “Stones of Remembrance Association” also commemorated Jakob Rainer and Walter Barth, who were also Holcaust victims resident here.




Mariahilferstraße 103



Richard Seniow and Ania Seniow Augustinowicz remembered their their parents, Fanny and Hermann Drucker, and their aunt, Isabella Drucker.


Mr. Olaf Terpitz from University of Graz’s 557 Center for Jewish Studies spoke at this address about the importance of remembering the people that were lost during this tragedy.

Mr. Seniow Jr. then played a Jewish medley for us on the keyboard.

Linke Wienzeile 4

Here, Ludwig Spitz was remembered. Unfortunately, the initiator, Mr. Helmut Waldbauer, initiator of the Stone could not be present.

Mr. Friedemann Kmentt kindly sponsored the memory of the Freudenberg couple, also residents at this address.