Ceremonial Opening of two new stations of the Stones of Remembrance in the 14th and 15th Districts on the 23. June 2022

Today we are opening two stations in two districts of Vienna. Father Bruno of the Parish of St. Joseph has kindly placed the courtyard of his parish house at our disposal.

The Chairperson of the Cultural Commission, Mrs. Schneider of the 14th District and the Chairperson of the Cultural Commisison, Mag. Alfred Mansfeld of the 15th District take part in the ceremony and address some words to those present.

Mrs. Hammer leads us through the afternoon.


Reinlgasse 22:


This stone is for Lea Zagbrebelni, Helene Zagbrebelni and Adolf Zagbrebelni.




They are the grandmother, aunt and uncle of the initiator, Denise Pisa of Vienna.







15, Grenzgasse 7:


This stone is laid for Elsa and Oskar Rotter.




The stone was initiated by families Fraser and Roe from Australia on behalf of their grandparents.






Present are granddaughter Elisabeth Fraser and her husband James, their son Jonathan and his wife Jess with son Thomas, his daughter Emily, as well as grandson Richard Roe and great-grandchildren Tessa and Christopher Roe, together with his partner Samantha Wheeler.