Inauguration in Margareten, April 2013

Elisabeth Pacey, Mary Pettersen, Fran Leaupepe, George Günsberger, Rose Günsberger, Joanne Günsberger, BV Mag. Schaefer- Wiery

On Monday, 29 April 2013, the second Station of Remembrance in Margareten was inaugurated. Attending were head of district Mag. Schaefer-Wiery, the relatives of the Günsberger family, who had travelled all the way from Australia, and friends of the Association.

Ms. Schaefer-Wiery welcomed the family very warmly. She has been in office only for a short time, but was familiar with the project for a longer time. She then emphasised the important task of this kind of commemoration.

Vally Steiner spoke about the particular importance of the Stones to the relatives and to the people of Vienna. Mr. Günsberger said that his family had had an enterprise named “A.G. für Chemikalien und Drogenhandel“ at this place (download).

The local tobacconist (Trafikant) is very open to our project: he had a very animated conversation with the family members, and attended the inauguration with great interest.