Virtuell inauguration of three Stations of Remembrance, September 2020

Although the Corona crisis prohibited us from the planned ceremony to open new stones in the 5th
District, we opted to lay the stones and offer a ‘virtual’ tribute to those who were the initiators.

Grüngasse 15



These two stones were laid for Moses, Rosa,  Siegfried, Ernst, Fritz und Erich Schlesinger.

The initiator is Mrs Tamar Dror from Israel.



Margaretenstraße 97

Here, a stone was laid for Rosa Wix, nee Feith.

She was co-owner of the book printing shop S.Wix.

The initiator – for her grand-greatmother – was Mrs Tamar Wix Lerer from Israel.


Wiedner-Hauptstraße 123A

A stone was laid for Klara Weinberg, nee Chirer and David Weinberg.


It was initiated by Doron Bryt from Israel on behalf of his maternal greatparents.