Inauguration of 2 New Stones of Remembrance in Penzing and 3 New Stones in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus on Sunday, May 28, 2017

Relatives, initiators, District representatives, interested residents of the two districts and others gathered for the opening on the corner  of Meiselstraße and Eduard Sueßgasse.

Matthias Beier welcomed everyone and reported on the latest activities fot he Association.

Alfred Mansfeld, Chairman of the Culture Commission expressed his gratitutde for the invitation and stated: “… we must not forget how colourful the Jewish life was here and how cruelly it was ended …”

Robert Pschirer, Acting Deputy Head said: “For us, today, it is unimaginable how we dealt with people. We must be careful that we never revert to this situation… Tolerance is essential… ”

Eduard Sueßgasse 16

Michel Kluger commemorated his great-grandparents. (Link to speech)

Dr. Peter Bolen, currently resident in the house, who only learned about the Stones of Remebrance as the Stone was laid in front of the house, was very imporessed by the initiative. He recounted the story of Eduard Sueßgasse- named after geologist Eduard Sueß – (which had been renamed Penckgasse during the Nazi regime).

Goldschlagstraße 84

A plaque was initiated by the Dubsky family (Märzstraße 76) to commemorate the former location of the Springer orphanage for Jewish boys.

Many people are commemorated on the plaque, including Ludwig Margulies, the last director of the orphanage; three former orphans: Berhard Pines, Arnold Schwächter and Bernhard Fröhlich; and 106 women and men collected at in the building before being deported and murdered by the Nazis.

Märzstraße 76

The Dubsky family, Ilse Dobbs and Katrin von Gierke, commemorated Arthur and Camilla Dubsky as well as other relatives: Stefan Hans, Annemarie and Franz Georg Dubsky, who managed to escape to the United States. Arthur Dubsky had a metal goods factory, Karatwerk, in which manufactured small metal products were made, especially lighters.

Hütteldorferstraße 117

Irv Adler and his family travelled from the USA to commemorate his uncle, Leon Bader, along with his cousin Markus Bader. “With this Stone, the memory of my uncle and his cousin is ensured.”

Kienmayergasse 37

Massimo Pierini, travelled from Italy to commemorate his Great Uncle Ludwig Grünberger.
“This stone is evidence of my great uncle’s life and of my being proud of him.”