Solemn inauguration of two Stations of Remembrance in Döbling on June 7, 2016

It was a very hot afternoon when the Stations Hofzeile 29 and Wilbrandtgasse 3 were inaugurated. Both families attended, as well as the initiator of a Stone, many friends and people of the neighbourhood.

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The Wittes family from Canada and USA commemorated, in Hofzeile 27, their grandparents Elsa and Paul Klauber. Standing next to the Stone, they talked about the grandparents’ life. They are very proud of their Stone and their big family, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren included. “The family continues alive”.


Georg Lang, who had taken up sponsorship for Dr. Körner, was very touched. He promised the Wittes family to look after the Stones regularly, assisted by his children.

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Susanne Scholl, Emmy Pilny and Tony Scholl commemorated their grandparents Emil and Agnes Scholl in Wilbrandtgasse 3. Susanne and Tony Scholl spoke about the life of their grandparents whom they “were not given the chance to know”.