Inauguration April 2022

Inauguration of three Stations of Rememberance, 2022, April 7th in the 19th district, Döbling

The sun peeks through the trees for the first opening this year, 2022. Around 30 participants meet in Saarpark at the starting point of today’s walk to a stone inauguration.



Mrs. Roswitha Hammer is the guide for this afternoon.

District Manager Daniel Resch gives the introduction.



Moritz Ebert plays three beautiful chello improvisations to set the mood.

Saarplatz 18



This stone commemorates Hilda Zipper.




The stone was initiated for the former resident of the house by Mrs. Daniel Flanitzer, who grew up here. The House Community is present; first and foremost, Mr. Hauser, who relates that as soon as the stone was laid a young boy stopped beside it and asked about it. This is how memories come alive

Gymnasiumstraße 58


This stone commemorates Margarethe Sternlicht.



Margarethe Sternlicht was the great aunt of initiator Mrs. Heidi Schnabel-Agent from England. Nikolaus Franz takes her place today, and Mrs. Milli Segal speaks Kaddisch for Margarethe.

Khevenhüllerstraße 20


This stone commemorates Carl Schifferes and Rosa, David and Fritz Allina.


It is also dedicated to Carl Schifferes late daughter, Marianne Schönauer.

The initiator of this stone is Felicitas Schönauer. With her sons, Moritz and Johann Ebert, her sister Marianne Schönauer from England and her daughter, Harley Evans,  she commemorates her family. Judith Schiffers, great-niece of Carl Schifferes, who lives in the USA, also contributed to this stone through her research.

Also here today, representing all the great-grandchildren, are Maria, Merlin and Daniel.

At the end of the arrangement, Moritz Ebert plays “Prayer” by Ernst Bloch, for his great-grandfather.