Virtuell Inauguration of three Stations of Rememberance in Döbling

Although the Corona crisis prohibited us from the planned ceremony to open new stones in the 19th
District, we opted to lay the stones and offer a ‘virtual’ tribute to those who were the initiators.

Hohen Warte 32

A stone was placed by the Fan Club of the First Vienna Football Club 1894 to commemorate former
club administrator, Rudolf Grünwald.







Weimarerstraße 89

Gertrud Pribram was remembered at this address by Deidre Pribram from New York who
commemorated her great-aunt.





Weimarerstraße 91

A stone was set for Moritz Brückner at the initiative of current resident, Michael Hirsch. Moritz
Brückner’s daughter, Inge Saxon-Mills Brückner, and granddaughter, Anne Argi, from Switzerland were
contacted by the Association. They were delighted with the initiative and contributed a text for the
accompanying brochure.