Solemn inauguration of two Stations of Remembrance in Favoriten

On May 8, 2009 the inauguration of the two Stations of Remembrance in Favoriten took place. Relatives from New Zealand, Israel, England, Hungary and Germany arrived especially for that ceremony, which was very important to them.

Ingrid Lavee (Vienna) and Itzhak Lavie (Israel)

Beryl Strickland (England) and Carol Needham (New Zealand)

At the heart of the event was a reading, prepared by pupils of classes 6b and 4e together with their teachers from the Ettenreichgasse school. They declaimed the life story of Janka Adler-Löwenstein (author Ingrid Lavee) with historical texts about the situation of Jews in Austria from 1938 until their deportation.

A couple of pupils of class 4e had written texts, poems and letters, which they read. The musical performance from the newly founded band of Daliah Hindler, Esther Jelinek and Christoph Kögler was very touching.

Many residents and numerous district politicians attended the inauguration. The district office completely supported the project. Hermine Moospointner, head of the district, wrote a very touching foreword to the booklet and opened the event. She also invited everyone to lunch.

In the afternoon Albert Dlabaja spoke at the station on Troststraße 125 about the destiny of his grandparents.