Ceremonial opening of three “Stations of Remembrance” in Favoriten on Thursday, 18 April 2024

Today’s opening ceremony in Humboldpark is attended by 40 people: the relatives and initiators of the stones, representatives from the district council district manager Marcus Franz, Socialist Freedom Fighters, Linda Klapfenböck and Nina Linke from Magistrates 7, the Swedish ambassador Annika Markovic, residents and neighbours from Favoriten and friends of the association.

Roswitha Hammer warmly welcomes all those present, welcoming the Swedish family in Swedish.

Marcus Franz, Head of the district, names all of the people we are commemorating today, emphasizing the significance of the stones. These stones keep alive the memory of the people  who lived in this district before they were deported and murdered. “A peaceful, tolerant path between all cultures living in Favoriten today is the only path we will accept.”



Roswitha Hammer thanks all sponsors for their financial support and also for their personal attendence.


Keplergasse 8:



We honour the memory of Regine Bialostockis.




Evamaria Kosso initiated this stone for Regine Bialostocki, her grandmother’s friend.



Gudrunstraße 127/129:




We commemorate Josef Eisner, Lola Berger, Julius Fessler and Olga Fessler.


The initiator of this stone is Siegfried Kuehn, who has lived in this house since 1988.


Sickingengasse 3:



We remember Margit Weiss and her son Hannes Halasz.




The stone was initiated by grandson Lennart Weiss from Sweden.

Here is the family who travelled from Sweden for the opening:

In front: Helena Weiss-Larsson, Gunnar Weiss and Lennart Weiss (3 grandchildren of Margit Weiss)
At the back: Hans Larsson (Helena’s husband), grandchild Susanna Lundell, great-grandchildren Jakob and Simon Lundell, Helena’s son David Ekel and David’s wife Carolina Ekel, Gunnar’s son Andreas Weiss with his wife Lisa Weiss.