Solemn inauguration of a Station of Remembrance in Favoriten on May 6, 2016

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The district administration of Favoriten, first of all Regierungsrat Franz Jerabek, facilitated a very dignified framework for the ceremony in the district’s pedestrian zone. Regierungsrat Franz Jerabek welcomed all the guests and the numerous official attendants of Favoriten.

Peter Florianschütz, member of the Vienna City Council, spoke about the importance of active commemoration in Favoriten. Vally Steiner welcomed everybody and gave a short speech on behalf of the Association.

Danny Saville and his family commemorated his grandparents and talked about the life of Rosa and Sigmund Moses. Judith Mahrer-Kampf, Amos Mahrer commemorated, jointly with their families, their grandfather Severin Mahrer. They thanked Elisabeth Ben David Hindler and Daliah Hindler for getting in touch with them in Israel, and for the opportunity to have the Stone set up. Thanks to the project, they were also inspired to investigate more closely into the life of their ancestors.

After the event, the District Council invited the families and all other participants to a Jause (afternoon coffee) in the District Office, thereby offering a wonderful opportunity for personal conversations in a pleasant atmosphere, and to enjoy coffee and Sachertorte too.