Festive celebrations to open two new stations in the 10th District, September 9th, 2022

Mrs. Roswitha Hammer from the association Stones of Remembrance, accompanies us this afternoon and begins by presenting, in German and English, the stones, relatives present and initiators. She also presents the association and its aims, its supporters and staff.





District Head, Markus Franz emphasizes in his speech the importance of these plaques are as a public memorial. He does not want the murdered victims remembered only as an uncountable mass, but that their names should be spoken, so that they retake their place in our society.


Favoritenstraße 143




We comemmorate Ernestine Laufer, Trude Lang, Martha Brandweiner and Heinrich Brandweiner.




Gudrunstraße 143




We commemorate Feige und Oskar Guttmann.