Inauguration June 2018

Ceremonial Opening of three new “Stations of Remembrance” in Wieden, 1040, on June 21, 2018

The opening ceremony took place in Johannes-Diodato Park where Roswitha Hammer initiated the event with an introduction about the “Stones of Remembrance” Association.

She welcomed the Deputy District Head Mrs Lea Halbwidl and thanked her for her introductory words delivered in English. About 35 participants were present for this commemoration ceremony coming from the US and England, as well as Vienna. A special thanks was also given to volunteers who work to support the Association.

Ms Lea Halbwidl emphasized the importance of such “democratic movements by individuals for individuals”. Many Viennese people now look after these symbolic gravestones, and the city of Vienna also recognizes the “Stones” as official monuments of the city.

Ms. Elisabeth Pozzi-Thanner, a descendant of Louise Marie Mayer: Jewish writer, journalist and translator, and resistance fighter from the group Müller-Thanner, initiated a “Stone of Remembrance” in her honour. Ms. Elisabeth Pozzi-Thanner spoke to commemorate her life and the work, including her Vienna Salon, which included such eminent artists as Raoul Aslan (Burgtheater) and Egon Wellesz (Composer). She has brought a beautiful photo portrait of Louise Marie Mayers (taken by Trude Fleischmann), which was placed alongside the memorial stone.

Daliah Hindler led to the group to each of the stations.

Waaggasse 1:

A stone for Samuel and Frida Fischer was initiated by the Hochberg and Ratnam families from New Zealand and Australia who were unfortunately not able to attend the ceremony. Daliah Hindler pronounced words of remembrance on their behalf.

Floragasse 7:

A Stone was placed for the resistance fighter Louise Marie Mayer as well as Leopold Lechner who was deported from this house and murdered.

Benjamin Haspel from Israel spontaneously spoke the Kaddish for the two deceased.

Link to the speech of Charles Mayer

Waltergasse 4:

The grandchildren of the Vasos-Baczewska family from the USA commemorated the murder of Natalie Baczewska, nee Steinhaus.