Ceremonial opening of five stations of the “Stones of Remembrance” in Wieden, 15.06.2023

After an atmospheric  start with the songs “Margaritkes – Shtil, die Nacht ist ojsgesternt – Tumbalalaika” by the group Avanim, we number at least 70 participants, who accompany us through the afternoon.

Mrs Hammer  introduces the initiators of today’s stations and the association “Stones of Remembrance”.  District politicians are also present. District councillor Ludvig Dvorak speakes about the culture of commemoration in the district.


Argentinierstraße 2:


This stone is for Ernst Königsgarten.



Mr Garton and his wife from Great Britain initiated this stone for Mr Garton’s grandfather. Unfortunately, neither can be here today, but have sent a good friend to represent them. Camilla McDonell tells their exciting and very personal story following the descendant’s research.


Apfelgasse 3:


This stone is for Dr. Joseph Morgenstein.


It was initiated by Gerald Grurresch Pittner, a house resident.

We are happy to acknowledge  the presence of other residents, friends and acquaintances of the initiator, as well as Dr. Sabine Hödl from the Institute for Jewish History in St. Pölten.


Schikanedergasse 12:

This stone is for Rachela Ellenbogen, née Wagschal and for Dr. Rifka Wagschal.




This stone was initiated by Amir Ellenbogen in the name of  his family.

Attending are Rachela’s descendants Amir Ellenbogen, Uri Ellenbogen, Dana Ellenbogen, Nir Ellenbogen, Amos Ellenbogen, Iris Pinto, Dorit Modai, Aviv Tzuk and Orian Simon.


Rittergasse 6:


This stone is for Mania, Philipp and Edith Margit Winkler.



This stone was initiated by Matt Stein. He came with 27 family members from the USA, Belgium, England and Israel. Mira Huebner-Harel’s niece Matan and granddaughter Maya represent all the family members who came.

From the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research we welcome Patrik Siegele, Martin Kirst from ERINNERN:AT, Robert Poppernitsch from the secondary school Bleiburg and members of the Bnai Akiva youth group.






Johann Janczy was also a victim of the Holocaust – researched by the association “Stones of Remembrance”.


Schönburgstraße 3:


This stone is for Klara Landauer and Oskar Samek.




The stone was initiated by the current resident of the house Susanne Held, who is in contact with Mrs. Bettina Reinisch, the great-grandniece of Oskar Samek.


Susanne and Bettina report on the results of their research.