Grand Opening on September 27, 2018 of four new “Stones of Remembrance” in Neubau 1070

The opening ceremony was held at the Admiral Kino, Burggasse 119. Although announced late, there was nonetheless intense the media presence for the setting of the Stone in front of the cinema. Interviews were then conducted the anteroom of the Admiral Lichtspieltheater, where photos were taken for later contribution to public broadcasting.

Roswitha Hammer opened with an introduction to the work of the “Stones of Remembrance” Association, mentioning the work of many work of honorary members such as editor Rudolf Forster, Peter Mlczoch, Anneliese Steiner and graphic designer Jamila Böhm.

Mrs. Hammer then introduced District Manager Mr. Markus Reiter, who thanked the owner of the Admiral cinema, Mrs. Englert, for the opportunity to organize the opening here. In his speech, Mr Reiter spoke about the success of this year’s cleaning of the Stones campaign in the 7th District.

Following this, Mr Henry Ebner, initiator of the Stone for Margarethe and Berthold Ebner, spoke about how he had always understood the unique culture and history of his former hometown, Vienna. He said that as part of his legacy, he felt it important to pass this appreciation onto his children and grandchildren.

This included repeated visits to Vienna. Mr Ebner emphasized that reconciliation must be the topic of our day.

The group then began to tour other Stones to be opened that day.

Westbahnstraße 27:


The initiator of this “Stone” was Lesley Woodfin from Israel, who unfortunately, could not be present. She was represented by her two brothers from the USA with their children and two of their cousins from Israel who attended with their wives.

On the cover of the day’s brochure for the opening of the stations in Neubau is an old photograph of a little boy’s first birthday celebration. This little baby is in attendance today. He is Uzi Wellsh, one of the cousins from Israel.

Betty Pollak spoke for the family. She urged all to tell stories about lives of those deported and those who fled, not to leave the murderers with the last word.

Neubaugasse 70:


A plaque was laid for Irma and Leopold Huppert. Initiated by Heidi M. Nunally from the USA, she is the daughter of Irma Huppert whose life was saved by the British Kindertransport from Westbahnhof. Speaking to commemorate her mother, she referred to her mother’s depressing memories.

A Stone was also laid at this address for the murdered residents for which no relatives could be located.

Kirchengasse 25:

The last Stone opened was for Ella Pörner, née Jellinek who was step-great-grandmother to Dr. Michl who was present with his wife.

Dr Michl spoke about his childhood memories of Ella Pörner’s apartment. He remembered the place well as his grandmother continued to live there after the war, probably continuing to run his step-great-grandmother’s shop on the same street.