Solemn inauguration of five new Stations of Remembrance in Neubau on September 21, 2016

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On behalf of the Association, Matthias Beier welcomed family members from Australia, Israel and Austria, as well as the initiator of the Stones in Myrthengasse and all other attendants, numbering about 35. Head of District Thomas Blimlinger underlined the importance of creating visible signs in public spaces. Each new Stone meant looking at the past rather than consigning it to oblivion.

Matthias Beier spoke about the significance of the Stones for the relatives as well as for the Viennese, and about his personal experience when polishing the Stones.

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neubauhp_010Sven Hartberger, initiator of the Stones in Myrthengasse 12,17 and 20, pointed out a great concern of his: He wanted, in this small lane, to set honouring symbols of loving commemoration for all former neighbours who had been deported and murdered by the Nazis.

Daliah Hindler read out what the Association’s research had revealed about some of the former tenants.

In Hermanngasse 34, Judy Lipshutz commemorated her grandfather jointly with her family (husband, great-grandchildren and great great-grandchildren). A nephew from Israel commemorated his uncle Heinz Joachim Kindler. Judy Lipshutz remembered her grandmother and mother enthusing about Vienna.


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neubauhp_016The Stones commemorating Leon and Jetty Löwenschuss could be set up thanks to sponsors. Daliah Hindler presented the research results on the life of both of them.

In Schottenfeldgasse 24 Alexander Zerkowitz commemorated his great-grandfather Salo Zerkowitz. Alexander Zerkowitz has been dealing with the history of his huge family for some years now. The Stone is also dedicated to all Holocaust victims of the Zerkowitz family.