Festive Unveiling of one Stone of Remembrance in the Inner City (First District) for Ernst Kirchweger

On March 31, 2015, a Stone of Remembrance for Ernst Kirchweger was unveiled. About forty people took part in the celebration. Among the particpants was Albrecht Konecny (then a member of the anti-fascist student committee) and Camila Garfias (Head of the student body at the University of Vienna).


Ernst Kirchweger

Wien 1. Philharmonikerstraße 2-4 (in front of Hotel Sacher)

Fifty years ago, Ernst Kirchweger became the first victim of right-wing extremist violence in the Second Republic. During a demonstration against the Nazi professor Taras Borodajkewycz, Ernst Kirchweger was knocked to the ground by Günther Kümel in front of the Hotel Sacher. Kirchweger died of his injuries two days later.