Solemn Inauguration of three Stations of Remembrance in Innere Stadt on Friday, June 13, 2014

Following a warm welcome by Elisabeth Ben David Hindler, Prelate Dr. Josef Weismayer delivered the introductory speech, on behalf of the Cardinal. He emphasized the importance of commemorating hose who had lived here, and of giving evidence of barbarism by means of the Stones. He concluded by saying a prayer. The dwelling in Spiegelgasse 3 is now owned by the Archdiocese.

Victoria Lunzer, Elisabeth März

Elisabeth März spoke about the life and fate of her close relatives, whom she is commemorating here, saying they have a special place in her heart. Chief Cantor Shmuel Barzilai recited the Kaddish.

Sterngasse 2:

Marianne Bernhard, on behalf of her family, spoke about the life of their relatives. Her findings are largely based on the book “Wien-retour“ written by Otto Binder and on research carried out by the Nationalfond.

Gonzagagasse 8:

Daliah Hindler

On behalf of Francis Deutsch, who regrettably was unable to attend, Elisabeth Ben David Hindler delivered a speech, and Daliah Hindler read the chapter about the life of “Tante Bella“ from the booklet.