Ceremonial opening of four stations of the ‘Stones of Remembrance’ in Vienna Währing on 6 May 2024


Avanim – comprising Daliah Hindler, Heidelinde Gratzl, Karin Waniek and Agnes Riha – sets the mood for the afternoon with the song Eli, Eli.

Mrs Roswitha Hammer welcomes about 50 people, consisting of relatives and other interested persons. She introduces the association and guides everyone through the event.  Mrs Silvia Nossek, head of the district, came for the opening and in her speech she recalls the escalation of barbarism and says: the future depends on remembrance of the past!


Anastasius – Grün – Gasse 22:

This stone is for Isabella Sofie Klein, née Zuckermann and Samuel Klein.




The stone was initiated by Mrs Sabine Klein from Frankfurt for the parents-in-law of her great-uncle. Her cousin Regina Kuhn, her daughter Pauline and her son Alexander are also present today.


Währingerstraße 115:

This stone is in honour of Henriette Littmann, née Rubel, and Erich and Felix Littmann.


This stone was initiated by Jay Stoll for her great-great-grandmother and great-granduncle. Her mother Shelley Stoll and her cousins Nikki and Wendy Littmann accompany her today.




Gentzgasse 137:


This stone is in honour of the former residents Gisela Doktor, née Krieger, Oskar Doktor, Otto Albahary, Hilda and Oskar Schönhauser.




Represented at the request of the ‘Weinhaus Initiative’, by Mr Almasi – Szabo.


Hockegasse 56:

This stone is in honour of Josef Schwarcz, the grandfather of the initiators Christine Gruber and Andrea Andrade.

Daniel and Gabriela Kmeda from Israel traveled to Vienna along with and other relatives from Austria and Germany.