Inauguration of 2 new Stones of Remembrance in Döbling (19th District) and 1 in Währing (18th District) on Thursday, June 16, 2017

Representatives of the two Districts, relatives, initiators, a godfather and many interested Viennese were present at Linneplatz for the opening ceremony.

Matthias Beier opened the gathering on behalf of the Association stating that: “… Every Stone is a symbolic homecoming for fomer residents, and a monument for Vienna… “.

Robert Zöchling, Deputy Head  of the Währing District added that : “… The people we set Stones for have a place in our hearts … Keeping the memory of the Jewish people alive is very important …”.
District Councilor Sepp Stranig greeted everyone very warmly: “… These Stones also symbolize that we are missing these people …”.

District Councilor Silvia Friedrich added her voice saying it was a pleasure and an honor to be present.
Together, we visited the stations where Stones were to be opened.

Cottagegasse 39

Petra Dorman aus England commemoratoes her parents in law Erna and Georg Duschinsky. Many relatives came to the inauguration and met for the first time.

Eichendorffstraße 7

Initiator Katja Geisenhainer along with great-niece Elisabeth Kleedorfer commemorated the ethnologist Marianne Schmidl. Katja Geisenhainer had extensively researched the life of Marianne Schmidl recounted many details.

Elisabeth Kleedorfer read a fictitious letter to her great-aunt, whom she knew only from family stories.