Festive Opening of Three Stations of Remembrance in Währing, September 19, 2019

Around 50 people gathering in Josef Kainz Park in Vienna’s 18th District for the inauguration of three new Stones of Remembrance. In attendance were relatives of those remembered, district politicians, individuals who had initiated of Stones, friends of the Association, as well as interested local residents.

Roswitha Hammer warmly welcomed everyone and thanked Peter Mlczoch, Rudi Forster and Anneliese Steiner for their work as volunteers supporting the Association.

District Councillor Silvia Nossek then thanked those in attendance and said that Währing was no exception in the brutality of the Nazi regime. She emphasized the importance of remembering the people who had lived here as former neighbours. “We can not undo the pain and despair, but at least we can give these people their place in the district again.”

After this, we proceeded to the individual stations.

Türkenstraße 44 (Wall Plaque)

Here we commemorated Friedrich Schön and his daughter Klara.

The initiator is Elisabeth Jesenberger. She explained that she knew about Schön from her mother who had collaborated with Schön who was an architect. She quoted Schön’s adage: “One must take the humans as they are” which had subsequently become a mantra for their family.

The Stone was financed by. Thomas Hoppe, Graduate Engeneer, said: “This is the first panel. It is only the beginning. We want to make every effort to remember each one of us … “Bernhard Sommer, Graduate Engeneer praised Schön as a colleague and emphasized the responsibility that the Chamber of Architects bears as an organization to recognise.

The memory of Paula Juhn was also celebrated at this address, initiated by the “Stones of Remembrance” Association.


Bastiengasse 61

At this address we commemorated Dr Wilhelmine Löwenstein-Brill and Miriam Rose Silberer as well as the many Jewish Austrian Soroptimists who were expelled and/or murdered during the Nazi regime.

Many Soroptimists from across Austria travelled to participate in the celebration, as well as two leaders of the Israeli Soroptimist Association.

The initiator of the Stones, Karin Haas-Trummer, spoke about the lives of Miriam Rose Silberer and Wilhelmine Löwenstein-Brill. She explained that Austrian Soroptimist Club was founded and made up of an exceptionally courageous group of women in their 20s, and had been founded early in the 20th century. It was disbanded in 1939 and re-created after the war.

Dorly Kapeller provided musical accompaniment for the ceremony, playing saxophone.


Hockegasse 61

At this address, we commemorated Albert and Philippine Singer.

Sadly, their grandson from Australia who initiated the Stone was not able to attend.

In his place, Daliah Hindler read the text he prepared for the brochure.