Inauguration May 2016

Solemn inauguration of three Stations of Remembrance in Währing on May 9, 2016

Vally Steiner, on behalf of the Association, welcomed all participants: Lothar Weiss, having arrived from England, and his family and friends, Stone initiators Maria Wagner and Franz Novotny, and all other persons attending the ceremony, about 25 in number. A speech was delivered by Deputy head of District Robert Zöchling.

gentzgasse002 gentzgasse001

Lothar Weiss commemorated Lina and Heinz Neumark, family members of his wife. The words he spoke about his late wife Susanne Weiss and her family were very touching.

weimarerstrasse001 weimarerstrasse002

We then went on to Weimarer Straße 22.

Franz Novotny initiated the Stone commemorating Dr. Jakob Ehrlich.

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The third Station, in Edelhofgasse 21, is due to the initiative of Maria Wagner. When researching the history of the building, she came across Alfred and Rudolfine Fischer. Hermine Färber, another former tenant, was found through research by the Association Stones of Remembrance.