Ceremonial inauguration of seven stations of “the Stones of Remembrance” in Vienna Währing on Sunday, 9.10.

The opening ceremony will take place in the garden of number 18, Max-Emanuel-Straße 17 in the presence of about 50 people. This is also the location of the first station on today’s path. The music group Avanim opens with the song Oyfn Pripetschik and accompanies the ceremony with other musical specialities, Eli and Tumbalalaika.

Roswitha Hammer warmly welcomed the relatives who have come from several parts of the world and all the other guests.

District councillor DI Thomas Michel thanks the association for its work. He emphasises that in 1938 everyone knew what had happened. For him and for future generations, the stones have a great significance. The victims have a safe place in front of their former homes where they can be remembered. Standing up for human rights is of great importance, especially in our times when the threat from the right is so strong.



Max-Emanuel-Straße 17


BR DI Thomas Michel

The Lundy family (Toronto, Canada), the Doolittle family and the Poras families (Boston, USA) remember Johanna Rosens and Robert Rosens.



Pötzleinsdorferstraße 18



Mr. Jan Sielecki and the present owner of the house

We commemorate Hermine Hiltscher and Alice Klein. The initiator of this stone is Mr. Jan Sielecki. He emphasises the importance of remembering and commemorating; for too long there has been silence. He also sees the stone as a message of peace.


Eckpergasse 2

The family commemorates Friederike Picks and Alfred Picks. Grandson Stephen Pick and wife Frances with daughter Emma and her husband Joe and their children Raffi and Frieda have travelled from London, son Seth and his wife Iva from Berlin, and son Joel and his wife Ali, with their children from Edinburgh. Grandmother Susi Kurer’s granddaughter and her husband Peter Kurer have come from Switzerland.

Peter Scheer has taken on a sponsorship for Dr Wilhelm Raubitschek.

We will spend the lunch break at the Parish Wine House with delicious catering by Matthias Beier and helping hands from the Parish Wine House.


Währinger Straße 184

We remember Adelheid and Rudolf Landes’, Abraham, Frieda and Emil Spindels.

Initiated by the Weinhaus parish, which commemorates murdered Jews from its parish area.


Paulinengasse 9

Wall plaque in memory of Camilla, Julius, Walter and Erich Krieger, Hermine and Sandor Neubrunn.

Initiated by the parish of Weinhaus, which commemorates murdered Jews from its parish area.


Schulgasse 70

Wir gedenken Berta, Rudolf, Grete und Pauline Goldfingers.
Initiatorin ist die Pfarre Weinhaus, die ermordeter Jüdinnen und Juden aus ihrem Pfarrgebiet gedenkt.


Schulgasse 18

Felicitas Schönauer commemorates her great-uncle Arthur Schifferes with her son Johann Ebert.