Solemn inauguration in Brigittenau on October 7, 2016

The music group Avanim opened the ceremony with the song Eli, Eli, … and went on to embellish it by more songs.

Matthias Beier welcomed all family members, the initiators of a wall plaque and the District Council. District Councillor Florian Müller gave a very personal and touching speech. (Download)

Matthias Beier underlined the importance of the manifold support that Viennese people render to the Association. One possibility to support is to sponsor a Stone for a person with no surviving family members at all.


Joint visit to the new Stations

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Dammstraße 3

Great-granddaughter Amber Weinber and her grandmother initiated the Stone for Meier Raschkowan.

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Rauscherstraße 6

Rita Proweller from Australia commemorating her grandparents jointly with her family

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Jägerstraße 18

Chava Rotman from Israel commemorating her grandparents jointly with her family. Download speech.

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Klosterneuburgerstraße 60

Peter Löwe, jointly with the housing community, initiated the wall plaque for all former inhabitants. Maria Hirsch read out what research on them revealed and put up a flower to each name.

Peter Bohm from England, together with his family (four grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren), and his brother commemorate their grandparents.

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Klosterneuburgerstraße 66

Izak Paul from Israel commemorates his great-grandparents. As he could not come to attend the ceremony, Daliah Hindler read out the text he had written about his family.

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