Ceremonial Opening of Two Stations of Remembrance in Brigittenau, September 21, 2021

Autumn weather accompanies the day’s opening in the 20th District of Vienna.

About 30 people were in attendance at Sachsenplatz, including District Councillor Winkler who represented the 20th District and a friendly policewoman with her colleague who were present to ensure safety.

Ms. Roswitha Hammer of the “Stones of Remembrance” Association welcomed all in attendance and, according to a good tradition, introduced the work of the association as well the stations to be opened that day. She noted the positive developments in Vienna’s emerging ‘culture of remembrance’ in recent years, and how the association’s work has contributed to this.


Sachsenplatz 14






Here, we remembered Helene (Hencze), Mali (Amalia) and Judi Sternberg. Itai Hermelin, initiator of this stone. He travelled from Israel with his parents Naomi and Assaf Hermelin to commemorate Naomi’s grandmother, Helene; great aunt, Mali; and cousin, Judi. We listened sang the Kaddish was sung by Cecilia Bartoli.


Meldemannstraße 19






A stone for David and Rosa Weisz was initiated here by Charlotte Balazs from Great Britain for her maternal grandparents. Unfortunately, as she was not able to be present due to pandemic reasons, but the Rodt family from Vienna including Michaela and Paul with their son David, represented her, with Frau Rodt reading Charlotte’s words.