Ceremonial opening of three Stations of Remembrance in the 20th district on 28/09/2023

The Anton Schmitdt Promenade on Vienna’s Danube Canal invites you to celebrate in bright sunshine.

Around 70 people will accompany us from stone to stone.

Mrs Roswitha Hammer leads us through the afternoon. She introduces the association and all the members of the new stones present today.

Welcome back, You are part of Vienna – Mrs Hammer is delighted to “bring back” so many for this afternoon.

District manager Dubravac-Widholm Christine is represented today by press spokesman Florian Winkler. He says that these stones not only have an important place in the streets of Vienna, the most important place is in our memories.


Brigittenauer Lände 46:




We commemorate 21 murdered people





Initiated by Peter Nosber’s house community, we welcome

the descendants of the Löwy and Brand families who fled to the USA; Hildy Neumann – daughter of Siegfried Brand and her husband Peter and their daughter Anna; Sharon Brand and daughter of Siegfried Brand; Dave Brand, the son of Siegfried Brand; as well as his daughters Katherine and Jaqueline, and Georg Reiss the son of Siegfried Brand.

Travelling from Germany are Alejandro Löwy, the son of Herbert Löwy, his wife Christina and their sons Ruben and Alan.






Wallensteinstraße 13:



This stone is for Dorothea Pauzen.






This stone was initiated by great-grandson Wolfgang Schütz and his sister Susanne Riha, both from Austria.

The owner of the house, Mr Thalhofer, also took part in the ceremony and made it possible for us to commemorate those murdered in the courtyard of the house at Wallensteinstraße 13.

Gudrun Haller has taken over the sponsorship for Fanny Spitzer.









Karl-Meisslstraße 3:



We commemorate Berta Blima Jente Singer.




The stone was initiated by grandson Robert Zinn with his wife Hilde, sister Susanna and brother-in-law Rafael Gorden.