Opening of the 9th district, 10-06-2018:

Solemn Opening of the 5th part of the “Path of Remembrance” in the Alsergrund

Against the majestic background of the Votiv Kirche on a radiant summer day, the group Avanim (Daliah Hindler, Karin Waniek, Christopher Kögler, and Agnes Riha) opened the ceremony iwh the song: Volt ich gehat Kojech.


At least 50 participants were present for the memorial, including four generations who gathered to commemorate their ancestors.

In the joint presentation on behalf of the 9th District, District Head Momo Kreuz and her successor Saga Ahmad stressed the importance of these commemorative events. This is especially so with the recent shift in Austrian politics away from the past, making initiatives such as “Stones of Remembrance” even more critical as an invaluable reminder and counterpoint to current politics.

Roswita Hammer from the Association explained the background of the “Stones of Memory” project and quoted its founder, Elisabeth David Ben Hindler: “We should not remember the murderers but the life” The stones we set, she said, bring the victims come back into our lives.

Matthias Beier, also from the Association, who is responsible among other things for the setting and care of the “Stones” explained that he had been heartened earlier in the day when residents of both Hörlgasse and Porzellangasse spontaneously offered to take permanent care of the memorial stones when they saw him tending to them.

The opening ended with the song “Ale Brider”, played by Avanim.

Daliah Hindler then led the group to a series of 10 new stations.

At Hörlgasse 11:

Dr. med. Julius Neumark commemorated his grandfather Hersch Neumann.

At Porzellangasse 8:

A stone was initated by Brigitte Gabriel who was unfortunately not present.

At Grünentorgasse 10:

Mr and Mrs. Amschl initiated the Stone although sadly they were not able to be present.

At Müllnergasse 26:

Peter Pulzer from England commemorated his great aunt Marie Grünhut geb. Eisner with a touching speech in English but also in perfect German!

At Roßauer Lände 49:

Peter Pulzer also commemorated his great-uncle Karl Eisner.

At Seegasse 7:

The Lebada family remembered the sisters Wanda and Erika Lebada.

At Glasergasse 5:

Eva Hembach and her husband commemorated their relatives Camila

At Schulz-Straßnitzki-Gasse 12:

Michael and George Zweig from the USA commemorated their grandfather and their step-grandmother Leo and Rosa Zweig.

At Clusiusgasse 4:

Nancy Mayo from England remembered her grandparents Leon Emil and Serla Pilpel.

At Löblichgasse 16:

Peter Schattner from the USA commemorated his grandparents Dwora and Schulim Schattner and his aunts Anna Schattner Scherzer and Lotte Schattner.