Ceremonies for four new Stones of Remembrance were held in Alsergrund on September 14, 2017.


The first ceremony opened by Nadine Rotter, a student of  Bundes Real Gymnasium 9 (Name of school).

Matthias Beier welcomed everyone on behalf of the Stones of Remembrance Association, emphasising that, ” every Stone is also a symbolic return of victims back home …” He thanked the District Head for the support of their support, as well as Peter Mlczoch for his assistance with graphics for the brochure, and Rudolf Forster for its proofreading. He also thanked the school historian, Renate Mercsanits, who organized the event with the students.



Johannes Bauer, the director of the BRG9, then made a very moving speech, expressing his pride in hosting the ceremony and especially in welcoming relatives of those commemorated to the school. He recounted had the school had been researching in the past for years.

His speech was followed by the warm and impressive words of Martina Malyar, Head of the 9th District. “… I do not tolerate anti-Semitism and fascism in this world…”

Following the initial ceremony, we visited the different stations where new Stones of Remembrance were to be opened.

Hörlgasse 3


Barbara Robinson and her family from Scotland commemorated her great grandmother, Flora Rosanes. During the ceremony, a poem written by Flora Rosanes was read out by her great-grandchildren: Gabriel, Flora, Rosie and Rebecca.

Link to poem

Mosergasse 11


Gregor Absler and his family from Australia commemorated his grandparents Israel and Debora Absler. As he was unable to travel, Daliah Hindler read the text he provided about his relatives from the booklet (Stations of Remembrance in Alsergrund / 4th part)

Following research by the Stones of Remembrance Association, 19 Jewish women, men and one child who lived in confined spaces at this address were also commemorated during the ceremony.


Hahngasse 24-26

The Breitbart family and family from the USA commemorated their relatives Therese, Moses and Kurt Breitbart.

Porzellangasse 38:


Judith Alter and her large family from the USA, along with family friend Erhard Busek, commemorated her grandparents: Paul and Balbina Schifter.