Solemn inauguration of five “stations of remembrance” in September the 24th in Alsergrund

A festive ceremony was held in the Lichtentalerpark marking the initiation of new stones along the Path of Remembrance in Vienna’s 9th District. Angelika Zach (voice and guitar) and Raphael Widmann (violin) opened festivities with the song “Mir lejbn ewig”.

Among the approximately 50 people in attendance were children from a nearby school who read brochures prepared for the day with great interest and asked many questions.



Ms Roswitha Hammer then spoke both in German and in English about the work of the association “Stones of Remembrance” in preserving the memory of Vienna’s former residents, giving them a due presence in the city. She then greeted the individuals who had initiated today’s stones who were in attendance and introduced District Head Ms Saya Ahmad, thanking her for her presence.


Ms Ahmad then spoke, warning that history could obviously repeat itself and the importance of learning from the past to avoid this. “We still have to be careful against any form of exclusion. Nowadays, nobody can say: We didn’t know”.



Liechtensteinstraße 78

Residents of this building: Katharina Mordag-Stöbich and Michael Crombach initiated this stone.




We heard a wonderful song by Angelika Zach (composition, voice and guitar), accompanied by Raphael Widmann on the violin.

Alserbachstraße 1


Mrs Gerda Glück was pleased to commemorate her parents Herwig and Hedwig Perten.




She was pleased that, with this stone, she could ensure that their memory would not be forgotten, and explained that the son of the Pertens had been able to travel to England via a children’s transport, from where he later emigrated to America.







Nußdorferstraße 11A

This stone was set by Theodor Much and Paul Secher for their grandparents Therese and Abraham Secher and their clothing store “Kleiderhaus Secher” which was ‘Aryanised’ in 1938.




Paul Secher was unable to travel from London due to Coronavirus but Theodor Much from Baden spoke on behalf of the family. Mr Much was present along with his wife and their daughter and her husband.





Berggasse 25

A stone was laid here to commemorate the memory of Eduard Ornstein, and Therese and Siegfried Steiner.




Initiated by a current resident of Berggasse 25, Ms Hruby, who had done a lot of research on the building and its former residents. She said that setting this stone was a major concern for her and all of the neighbours, many of whom were also in attendance.











Maria-Theresien-Straße 22


At this address we commemorated Sofie Schindler, and Martha and Siegfried Salzers.




Mrs Meriel Schindler came from England together with her daughter Georgia. Her sister, Sophie Schindler, from France, was also in attendance to commemorate their great-grandmother: Sofie Schindler, and their great-aunt and –uncle: Martha and Siegfried Salzer.

Marianne Cornish from the USA (granddaughter of Martha and Siegfried) and her daughter, Alison, had planned to travel for the ceremony but could not come because of the Coronavirus but were able to be present for the ceremony via “Zoom”. Richard Tray, Sofie Schindler’s great-grandson was also not able to be present due to Corona restrictions.

The day’s celebration ended with the kaddish which was spoken by Jeremy Schindler.