Inauguration of eight Stations of Remembrance in Alsergrund on September 9, 2012


The commemoration ceremony, very touching and of particular importance to the family members, was held in Alserbachstraße 3 in the 9th district, with about 100 persons attending.

The event was opened by the trio „Margaritkes“ singing the song „Dona, Dona“. rnst Fitzka of the Association Stones of Remembrance acted as the guide throughout the ceremony.

Head of district Martina Malyar emphasized the commitment of the district to commemoration.

Vice-head of district Momo Kreutz spoke about the lives of Erich Fried’s father and grandmother – their commemoration plaque had been initiated by the Greens (die Grünen) of Alsergrund. Catherine Fried, wife of Erich Fried, had also been invited. She was very touched by the fact that the family of her husband is now being commemorated in Vienna. She read out a piece of poetry by Erich Fried, as Momo Kreutz had done before.

A pupil of Erich-Fried-Gymnasium, a very committed Viennese grammar school, then spoke about a project being carried out by the students this year.

Elisabeth Brainin, daughter of Lotte Brainin, aged 92, had come to commemorate her parents and to speak about the life of her mother. Lotte Brainin had been deported, as a resistance fighter, to the concentration camps Auschwitz and Ravensbrück, and miraculously survived. For the granddaughter, it was very painful to speak about the terrible fate of her grandparents.
Like many other family members, she expressed her gratitude that her beloved ones, after such a long time, are having a dignified memorial place.

The celebration was concluded by the song „Tumbalalaika“. Subsequently a large group of attendants set off to visit the individual Stations. Meira Meisler had come from Israel to commemorate her grandparents. They had lived in Kolingasse 10 for many years. Both their children were able to escape: the son to Chile, and the daughter to Palestine. But despite all their efforts, the grandparents could not find a country willing to host them.

Elisabeth Tauber and Johannes Ranzenhofer honoured their grandparents and their uncle by Stones in Kolingasse 13, which had been their last registered address.

It is of great importance to Elisabeth März that the Bleier family’s members are being commemorated, with Kolingasse 9 the entire family’s last registered address. Many descendants of this family felt it was very important to participate in the event. Anna Botwright, a granddaughter, had come specially from Great Britain.

Mrs. Helene Stepan is deeply concerned that the family history be passed on. Her children and grandchildren had come to commemorate her grandmother in Grünentorgasse 8.

At the conclusion of the event, Julia Reichert, director of „Kabinetttheater“ in Porzellangasse 49, invited us to have Jause. In stylish ambience and with a delicious buffet numerous good conversations und beautiful encounters were to follow.