Inauguration October 2016

Solemn inauguration of four more Stations on the Path of Remembrance in Leopoldstadt on October 16, 2016

The inauguration ceremony took place in the premises of the local support and coordination service (Gebietsbetreuung) on Max Winter Platz.

The music group Avanim opened the event and went on embellishing it.

leopoldstadt20161016_002 leopoldstadt20161016_001 rompolt

Matthias Beier, on behalf of the Association, welcomed the 50 attendants – relatives and their families, members of the District administration, initiators of Stations, and supporters and friends of the Association. Deputy head of District Astrid Rompold delivered a very touching and personal speech. (Download)

Matthias Beier spoke about the impact of the Association’s work on Vienna and the significance of commemoration work in general. He offered his thanks to all supporters and to Peter Mlczoch in particular.

All of us then went on to visit the four new Stations.

leopoldstadt20161016_004 leopoldstadt20161016_003 leopoldstadt20161016_005

Lassallestraße11: Adelina Teller and her family commemorating her grandparents.

leopoldstadt20161016_006 leopoldstadt20161016_007

Czerningasse 4: Mr. Haas and his wife commemorating his grandmother.

leopoldstadt20161016_010 leopoldstadt20161016_009 leopoldstadt20161016_008

Novaragasse 38: Uri Dromi and his family from Israel commemorating his grandparents.

leopoldstadt20161016_011 leopoldstadt20161016_012

Große Pfarrgasse 23: the Stone initiated by the Gehrke family.

When they moved into the building six years ago, they took interest in its history. Doing research they found out that their flat had been a collection flat (Sammelwohnung, in which the Nazis packed Jewish families). Confronted with this fact, they decided they wanted to set up a memorial for the former inhabitants.