Solemn inauguration of eight new Stations of Remembrance,16th part of the Path of rememberance, first part. 2022, june 12th.

Almost 70 people attend today’s Opening in the 2nd District.


Avanim sing and play “Alle Brider”, an atmospheric introduction to this day of eight stations.

Roswitha Hammer introduces the association and leads us through the day. On behalf of district politics, District head Alexander Nikolai addresses a few words to all present.

Obere Donaustraße 6:


This stone is for Milan and Anna Kleiner






Donna Gorber and her sister Milana Hertzig have come from Canada to commemorate their grandparents Anna and Milan, and their Aunt Hertass.




Kraftgasse 3:


We commemorate Elisabeth (Else) Ringers.


Judy Schiffers from the USA, represented today by her cousin Felicitas Schönauer,commemorates her great-aunt.

This stone is laid for Aaron Metall and Elsa Haberkorn, neé Schlifke.

Brothers, Thomas and Peter Schlifke commemorate their Grandparents. In reference to the current state of affairs, Peter Schlifke reminds us that we owe it to all of the victims of warfare to defend ourselves.


Mrs. Schönauer reads from the last letter received from her Aunt Else.




The association Stones of Remembrance has initiated the stone for Mates Reichmann.


Miesbachgasse 1:


Dieser Stein liegt für Aaron Metall und Elsa Haberkorn, geborene Schlifke.



Die Brüder Thomas und Peter Schlifke gedenken ihrer Großeltern. Peter Schlifke mahnt in Bezug auf aktuelle Kriegsgeschehen, dass wir all den Opfern schuldig wären uns zu wehren.


Malzgasse 14:


This stone is laid for Dvora (Dweira) Kronik, Feige (Fanny) Krascylscyk, Menasche (Max) Krascylscyk and Irma Krascylscyk.


Ysrael Geffen from Israel and Eric Godfry from Great Britain , together with 20 family members,  commemorate their great -grandmother Dweira, great-aunt Feige, great-uncle Menachim and Irma, their father’s cousin.

At this station, Ysrael tells us about his father’s birthplace. Grandchildren Benjamin and Sol add some words of their own.



Kleine Pfarrgasse 7:



This stone is laid for Ernst (Elio) Gottfried, Anna Gottfried, Paula Kohn and Lilly (Lucy) Wiener.



Also here, Ysrael Geffen from Israel, Eric Godfrey from England, and 20 family members, commemorate granfather Elio, great-aunt Anna, Aunt Paula and Lucy, their grandfather’s niece.

Ysrael and Eric, also the great-great grandchildren speak in memory of the murdered.

Yehuda Geffen sings a prayer on behalf of all present.


Krummbaumgasse 1:


We commemorate Marianne and Franz Rosners




Gilda Semo speaks about the importance of remembrance in connection with the memory of her great-grandparents.



Herminengasse 18:




This wall plaque is dedicated to the former resident of this house, murdered during the Holocaust.




Ingeborg Gredler speaks of her visit to concentration camp Auschwitz and of the impression made on her by the room with the suitcases – suitcases carrying the names and addresses of the murdered from this quarter. That was one of the triggers for her to look into the history.

Mrs. Hindler reads from the brochure, where one of the residents describes the religious interaction and good cohabitation in this house.


Taborstraße 67:


This palquette is laid for Rosa and Samuel Rothstein.


Sigurd Rothstein tells of the terrible fate of his grandparents. Their children, 6 sons and one daughter, had the great good luck to survive.

A current resident of number 67, Dipl. Ing. Hochstrasser, is also present.