Ceremony marking the Opening of the 15th Section of the Path of Remembrance in Leopoldstadt, 2nd District, Part one, on Sunday, October 10th, 2021

The ensemble Avanim (Daliah Hindler- vocals, Karin Waniek- vocals, Christoph Kögler-accordion, guitar, vocals, and Agnes Riha-violin) opened the day’s ceremony with a Yiddish song: “Wollt ich gehat Kojach”.

Ms. Roswitha Hammer followed this festive start with words of welcome, introducing work of the Stones of Remembrance Association. She outlined how, during the 16 years during which the Association has been in existence, it has marked an important contribution in establishing a culture of ‘remembrance’ in Vienna. She noted that this is especially the case in the 2nd District, where there are now over 250 stations of remembrance, and that it is again, today , the district with the highest proportion of Jewish population.

District Chairman, Mr. Alexander Nikolai also greeted the participants warmly, reminding them that of the around 48,000 Jews deported from Vienna, two thirds had their last place of residence in Leopoldstadt. He expressed his gratitude to the Association for making the fate of these people visible, giving the displaced and murdered residents of Leopoldstadt and other districts a symbolic place in their hometown. He especially thanked Daliah Hindler and her team for their work.

Ms. Roswitha Hammer then outlined the new stations to be opened during the day that would extend the already extensive Path of Remembrance through the Second District.

Ybbsstraße 7:

Peter Weinberger, who lives in Vienna and New York, and his family commemorated his grandparents, Jolan and Emil Stiassny, along with uncles Kurt, Erich and Alfred Stiassny.

Sebastian-Kneipp-Gasse 11:


Thomas Wistawel from Austria commemorated his great-grandmother, Etie Stockhammer. Mr Wistawel explained how Etie’s story had been buried for a long time. It was only through his persistent research and his determination to uncover the truth that he had eventually understood her fate.

Stones were also laid for Rosa, Saul, Stella and Alexander Übersfeld at this address, initiated by the Stones of Remembrance Association.

Sebastian-Kneipp-Gasse 12:


Peter Scheer from Austria commemorated his grandparents Samuel and Marjem Landau. Marjem and Samuel Landau continue to be remembered by their many descendants who survived the annihilation, and who are determined to keep their legacy alive.


Czerningasse 6:



Here, initiator Christoph Schlick from Austria commemorated Mathilde, Elsa and Gabriel Frankl. Christoph Schlick was a student of Victor Frankl, founder of the third Viennese school of psychotherapy which led to the development of logotherapy and existential analysis. With this stone commemorating Frankl’s family members, he would like to give a small thank you to his teacher. Unfortunately, as Mr. Schlick was not able to be present, Ms. Hindler read parts of the Frankl’s life story from the brochure.

Praterstraße 17:


A resident of this address, Mr. Walter König, initiated this stone to commemorate former residents. Mr. König was represented by his son. A plaque for Johanna Hoffmann, Ciwye and Bernhard Hoffmann was placed to represent the 117 people from this house who were deported and murdered.


Schmelzgasse 12:


Here, Ingrid Hellmann commemorated her grandfather, Kurt Hellmann. Also at this address, Michael Mickel undertook sponsorship to commemorate Fanny Baltinester and Rosalie Schön.