Inauguration May 2018

Solemn Opening of the 12th Part of the Path of Remembrance through the Leopoldstadt of the 2nd district 2018-05-27

A festive opening was held under fantastic summer weather beginning with music from the group Avanim (Daliah Hindler, Karin Waniek, Christopher Kögler, and Agnes Riha), a merry start in contrast to the bitter theme of the day’s ceremony.

Seventy people stemming from many parts of the world, as well as locals, politicians and volunteers of the Stones of Remembrance Association gathered at Haidgasse to participate in the opening of the twelfth component of the “Path of Remembrance” through Leopoldstadt.

Roswitha Hammer welcomed all guests, noting with speacial pleasure the large turnout. She thanked all supporters for their contributions, especially

Rudolf Forster for preparation of the day’s brochure, volunteers Jarmila Böhm and Peter Miczoch, as well as all technicians in the background.

Roswitha Hammer introduced the District Head Uschi Lichtenegger as a longtime supporter of the Association, who then quoted the Talmud in her short speech:

Link to the speech.

“A person is forgotten only when his name is forgotten”. She spoke very forthrightly about the atrocities of the Second World War and lamented the often inadequate coming to terms with the past in Austria, especially lamenting its absence in the Austria’s current political scene.

Daliah Hindler then led the way through the new stations commemorated:

Schiffamtsgasse 18

Motti Mandelbaum and his wife, Chani, from Israel commemorated his grandparents Mordechai Zwi and Rosa Mandelbaum, and his aunt Gittel Mandelbaum. Motti sings a prayer for the murdered part of his family. Members of the family from the USA also attended.

Raimundgasse 4

Michael Stepper has initiated this station for his great uncle Max Stepper and his wife Margarete. He could not be present for health reasons. Silke Wallner provided sponsorship for the Stone.

Malzgasse 2

Michael Stepper also initated this station for his great aunt Rosa Bernfeld, b. Stepper with her son, Josef Bernfeld. Unfortunately neither were able to attend for health reasons. Dalia Hindler read a message on their behalf.

Schiffamtsgasse 10:

The initiator of this station was Daniel Wagensberg from France. Débora Antscherl (great-granddaughter), Mark Antscherl (great-grandson) and other family members came from the USA, Germany, Spain and Scotland. All of them, great-grandchildren from France, Débora Antscherl (great-granddaughter), Mark Antscherl (great-grandchild) are here to commemorate their murdered ancestors.

Herminengasse 6:

David Stern initiated a Stone to commemorate his grandfather Leopold Stern, his stepmother Franziska Stern, and Emil Urich, Franziska’s brother. He and other family members, Kathryn Hellerstein and Jonah Stern, came from the USA commemorated their dead relatives. Celia Wortman, initiated a stone for her grandmother Irma Zaidmann.

Scholzgasse 10:

Baruch Axelrad from Israel remembered his great aunt Scheindel-Sara Benczer but unfotunaely could not be present. Sponsorship for Israel Schächter was undertaken by Sebastian Thomas.

Novaragasse 13:

Baruch Axelrad from Israel remembered Samuel Benczer. The stone for Josephine and Rosa Katz was initiated by “Steine der Erinnerung”.

Glockengasse 9a:

Richard Gilbert from Canada commemorated his uncle Kurt Weitzner and grandparents Rachmiel and Ernestine Weitzner.

Rotensterngasse 5:

Mary Salton from USA commemorated her grandfather Naftali Benjamin but is not present for the ceremony.

Czerninplatz 4:

Netta Kohn from Israel and her family commemorated aunt Gittel Kohn, cousin Schmiel Hersch Kohn, and uncle Menasche Gold.