Ceremonial opening of the 17th part of the “Path of Remembrance” through Leopoldstadt, 2nd part on Sunday 10.9. 2023

On this bright late summer day, about 65 people (relatives, initiators, friends and neighbours) gather on Karmelitermarkt. Avanim opens the ceremony with the song “Di grine Kuzine” (The Green Cousin) and provides the musical accompaniment. Roswitha Hammer warmly welcomes all those present. Today, relatives from the USA, Israel, Denmark, Great Britain and Italy have arrived. District Head Alexander Nikolai is grateful that we are standing here together, commemorating the Jewish people who lived here. Through this form of commemoration, the individual lives and fates of those murdered become visible to all.

Im Werd 11

We are opening a stone for Julie Jachet Isakower, who lived with her family in this house for over 30 years. The initiator Matt Stein from the USA, his mother Marlene Stein (granddaughter of Julie Isakower), his father Martin Stein, the sisters Cindy and Debra Stein are present.
The stones for Sofie Grossmann and Helene Grossmann were initiated by the Association Stones of Remembrance.

Floßgasse 7

We are opening stones for Schyfra Halpern and Abraham Halpern. Matt Stein (cousin) initiated the stone. (see Im Werd 11).
We also commemorate Cilly Ritscher, whose stone was initiated by the Association Stones of Remembrance.

Schreygasse 12

We open stones for two families.

We remember Moshe, Golda, Leo and Helena Luster.

Initiator Nava Keidar (granddaughter), Moshe Luster and the Aviran family have travelled from Israel.

We remember Mayer Seinfeld. The initiator of the stone is the great-granddaughter Stefanie Roithmayr. He is commemorated by the Roithmayr / Seinfeld family.

The stones for Gisela Freund, Edith Frost and Josef Goldberg were initiated by the Association Stones of Remembrance.

Nestroygasse 5

Renato Mannheimer from Italy commemorates his aunts Elsa Sara Saphir, Terez Mandelbaum and his uncle Alfred Mandelbaum. Other relatives from the USA have also arrived for the opening.

Rembrandt Street 16

We open stones for Hersch, Leon and Rosa Eisenberg. Initiator is George Eisenberg (grandson and nephew), who has come from the USA and Denmark together with other relatives.

Rembrandtstraße 22

We open a stone for Margarethe Storch initiated by great-grandnephew Ariel Sheffer from Israel. Daliah Hindler reads the text from the accompanying brochure.

The stones for Marie Hoffmann and Marianne Hirsch were initiated by the Association Stones of Remembrance.

Rembrandtstraße 28

We open stones for Helene, Josef Daniel, Arthur and Renée Schnierer.

Raymond Polak (Arthur’s son) with his daughters Alicia Polak and Amanda Tesciuba is commemorating together with Linda Smither (Renée’s daughter), her husband Roger and their children James and Sophie.