Solemn inauguration of 9 Stations of Rememberance in Leopoldstadt, October the 4th

Today’s inauguration of nine new stones marked the opening of the 14th part of the Path of Remembrance through Leopoldstadt in Vienna’s 2nd District.

Attendance was much lower than usual with many relatives not able to fly to Vienna due to the pandemic. All present wore masks, and two policemen accompany us throughout the event.

The ceremony, held at Max-Winter-Platz, was initiated by the music group Avanim (Daliah Hindler-voice, Karin Waniek – voice, Christoph Kögler-accordion, Agnes Riha-violin).


Ms Roswitha Hammer introduced the stations to be opened route and the names of those engraved on the stones. Following this, long-time supporter of the Stones of Remembrance Association and District Representative, Ms Uschi Lichtenegger gave a short speech while Ms Hammer provided simultaneous translation to English. Her speech is available here:



Frau Roswitha

Uschi Lichtenegger

Link to the Speech




We then began our journey along the path.

Max-Winter-Platz 20:


At this address, we celebrated a stone initiated by Celia Wortman from the USA commemorate her grandparents: Cilli and Samuel Bohensky, and her aunt Anna Bohensky. Unfortunately, Ms Wortman was unable to travel due to Covid.


Elisabeth Baumegger spoke in her place.







Erlafstraße 5:

Initiated by Zohar Ramot from Israel, this stone was set to commemorate her grandparents: Charlotte and Janku Goldenberg. Unfortunately, Ms Ramot was also unable to come.

In addition, to the Goldenbergs, Karl Weiss was also honoured at this address, with sponsorship from Karen Usher who is a current resident of Erlafstrasse 5.



Current inhabitants of Erlafstraße 5.




Vorgartenstraße 186:

At this address, Jude Stratton from England commemorated her great-grandmother, Chaja Deutsch. As Ms Stratton was also unable to be present due to Covid. Daliah Hindler read Jude Stratton’s family history from the brochure.


Other former residents from this address, Julia Rozsa and Karl Gelles, were also honoured here, initiated by the Stones of Remembrance Association.

People currently residing in the building joined the ceremony.

Praterstraße 54:

Here, Nancy Polk from the USA commemorated her grandmother, Amalia Carneris. Amalia Carneri had an international career as an opera singer before she was murdered in the Holocaust. As Nancy Polk was unfortunately unable to travel, Daliah Hindler read her text prepared for the brochure.


Karoline and Emil Hochner were also honoured at this address, initiated by the Stones of Remembrance Association.

Darwingasse 33:


At this address, Hans Tschiritsch commemorated his grandfather, Sigmund Mire.










In place of words of memory, the orchestra “NoMaden im Gleichschritt” played a composition by Hans Tschiritsch. This was accompanied by a dancing ensemble which included: Aisha Eisa, Julia Grigoria, Julio Gisbert, Eldis la Rose, Pamela Stickney, Heidelinde Gratzl, Hans-Jörg Gullernigg and Hans Tschiritsch.

Volkertstraße 13:





Jude Stratton from England was also the initiator of this stone which commemorated her great-grandmother, Cäcilie Flintenstein and four of her relatives: grandparents Debora and Hugo Deutsch, their mother Ruth Deutsch and their uncle Kurt Deutsch. All had been unable to flee.


Daliah Hindler read the text Jude Stratton had prepared for the brochure.



Hollandstraße 15:

The initiators of this stone were Christa Rohde and Jürg Andiel who commemorated murdered residents: Taube Einhorn, Ernestine Hilft, Friedrich Löw, Regina Russo, Fanny Winkler, Malke Mindel and Eisig Schmiel Degenstück.

Große Schiffgasse 24:

Sheila Steuermann from France initiated this stone to commemorate her grandparents, Beila and Schapse Steuermann. Unfortunately, other grandchildren, Gina Antczak and Brenda Grover from England, and David Steuermann from Canada were not able to attend.








At the same address, Edith Kudlak from Austria commemorated her relatives Elisabeth, Emil, Karoline and Kurt Kopstein.



Herminengasse 12:


Here, Karen Usher commemorated her grandmother Blanka, her aunt and uncle Grete and Erwin, and Josef and Hugo Uszerowicz.