Cremonial opening of the 18th part of the Path of Remembrance through Leopoldstadt, Part 1, on may 26 2024


The group Avanim, which today consists of Daliah Hindler, Christoph Kögler, Karin Waniek and Agnes Riha, will provide the musical accompaniment for the event

Mrs Roswitha Hammer warmly welcomes all those present and announces the programme for today. She introduced the ‘Stones of Remembrance’ association and gave a special welcome to the relatives who had travelled from many countries. She introduces all the initiators of the stones laid. There are around 50 people here today, who are also welcomed by Christoph Zich, the deputy head of the district council.


Ennsgasse 13:



This stone is set for Joseph Scherzer and Sluwe Ettel.



The initiative to set the stone came from Joseph Scherzer’s niece, Dorrit Coach (USA). Rita Birnbaum, also a niece of Joseph Scherzer, is travelling from Paris.

We also welcome Herbert Meisl from Vienna and Brigitte Hafer from Germany.

For Sluwe Ettel Ihr, the great-granddaughter Sibille Ihr-Gamperl took the initiative. Grandchild Monika Ihr and great-great-granddaughter Luna Ceto are here to celebrate with us.



Stuwerstraße 39:




This stone lies for Feige and Abraham.


The stone was initiated by Israel Shikler from Israel for his great-aunt and her husband. Unfortunately, Israel Shikler was unable to make the journey for political reasons.

Mrs Hindler reads from the brochure in place of the initiators.


Schiffamtsgasse 17:


This stone is for Alexandra Weder, Ida, Alois and Erich Kessler




The initiative for Alexandra Wedra was taken by her grandson Stefan Wedra from South Tyrol. We welcome his sisters Sabine Wedra from Hamburg.


Krummbaumgasse 10:



This stone is for Amalie, Wolf, Siegfried and Gertrude Eimerl



The stone was opened for his grandparents on the initiative of Esmond B Edwards from the UK. We are also pleased to welcome his wife Ruth Edwards, his daughter Lauren Clyne and her husband Mark Clyne and three grandchildren Thneo Clyne, Lulu Clyne and Buddy Clyne. His sister Karon Osbiston with her husband Barry Osbiston and their two daughters Rachel Osbiston and Debbie Leventhal join in the celebrations.


Haidgasse 5:


This wall plaque was opened for Henriette and Jakob Holzmann, Feige and Georg Zajac and Rudolf Freund.



His granddaughter Dorrit Coch from the USA took the initiative for Rudolf Freund. They were joined by Varde Busin and her husband Shmuel from Israel.

Dorrit and Varde’s mothers were sisters – and only realised this very late in their lives.


Lilienbrunngasse 10:


This stone is for Hanna and Aron Rinde as well as Gittel and Joseeph Rebarber.




This stone was placed on the initiative of Aron and Hanna’s great-granddaughter Jennifer Alexander from the USA. She is here with her husband Heath Winter and their daughter Maya Hofstetter.

Gittel and Joseph Rebarber were kindly sponsored by Mr and Mrs Lieb.


Taborsttraße 81:



This stone is for Margit, Alexander and Harry Zimmerman.



Naval Gal from Israel initiated this stone for her grandparents.

Es sind insgesamt 25 Familienmitglieder angereist!


Darwingasse 5:






This stone is for Sara Kesselbrenner, Kolomann Basch, Else and Hermann Wallach



Bernhard Hammer took the initiative for this Stone of Remembrance.